When? Arrival May 24th – Departure May 31st

Where? Ostello Villa Olanda Via, T. Fuhrmann, 23, 10062 Airali, Torino, Italy

Profile of participants:

  • youth workers who work daily with young people affected by violence and violent conflicts
  • youth workers with varying degrees of experience
  • if possible, youth workers who come from different contexts or activities within the same organisation (e.g. one from the youth centre and one who works as a street educator)
  • available and willing to participate in all phases of the project
  • motivated to work in an international and intercultural environment
  • willing to adapt to different contexts and situations

Final target of the project: young people directly affected by armed or structural violence


Ludopedagogy is Back! training is a mobility for 3 youth workers per partner who work daily in contexts of armed conflict, post-conflict or structural violence.
These participants will be active in the dissemination process within the organizations of origin to effectively impact the quality of the work of the organizations themselves, as well as in the implementation of system development activities, consisting of the experimentation of some local activities with young people inspired by the learning acquired during the training.

What is ludopedagogy?

Ludopedagogy is an approach that was born in Uruguay in the 1970s as a response to dictatorship, from an active group of young educators that developed this approach based on the role of the GAME as a tool of existence and resistance. Ludopedagogy has developed as a strategy to promote participation and as an alternative for education and knowledge production. It offers significant possibilities for educational and methodological applications to strengthen awareness and professionalism in social work and reinforce collective organizational processes.


From Turin Airport:

  • recurring shuttle or train to Porta Susa train station
  • bus 284 direction “Torre Pellice”, get down at the second to last stop “Tor-Via Matteotti 22-Via Appiotti”

From Milan Airport (all of them):

  • recurring shuttle or flixbus to Porta Susa train station
  • bus 284 direction “Torre Pellice”, get down at the second to last stop “Tor-Via Matteotti 22-Via Appiotti”


1. Bring comfortable clothing for daily activities.

2. Pack something warm for the evenings as it can get cool.

3. Bring your own towels as they will not be provided by the accomodation

4. We’ll be staying in a hostel surrounded by nature, so consider bringing any personal items you might need in that setting.

5. If you want to bring something from your culture to share it’s always appreciated!


01/02/2024 – 31/07/2025 (18 months)

Centro Studi Sereno Regis Italy
Gutenberg – Organizatia Studentilor Vorbitori de Limba Germana Romania Local Peace Kosovo
Hade Cyprus
Genclik ve Degisim Dernegi Turkey
vzw Arktos Belgium
Peace Ambassadors Poland Poland

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme, all costs for travel, accomodation and food will be covered by the project.


Improve the quality of youth work in highly complex contexts of armed conflict, post-conflict or structural violence, increasing the skills and knowledge of youth workers working in these contexts.

Experience the potential of ludopedagogy as an innovative method to be implemented in complex contexts.

Create spaces for reflection on educational action, for the sedimentation of innovative practices and for dissemination to optimize the results of the entire project.

What happens after the training?

LOCAL ACTIVITIES and “Fridays on the COACH”

The training participants will design and implement local experimental non-formal education activities inspired on the ludopedagogy approach which will reach a total of 160 young people.
The implementation of the activities is functional to build communities of practice “Fridays on the COACH”: 8 virtual meetings to spread awareness of the innovation and potential of ludopedagogy in working with young people with experiences of violence.

Where: in the local contexts of the partners
When: Local Activities in summer and “Fridays on the Coach” in Autumn


Discussion of case studies and theorisation on the applicability of the method. Laying the content and organizational bases for the drafting of the E-book to which all participants will contribute collectively, which will act as a guide for those who intend to experiment Ludopedagogy with young people who have experienced violence.

Where: Italy, Turin.
When: January 2025.
Who: 3 youth workers per partner.

If you think this project is for you send your application for the training through this google form

Thank you!


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