About Us

We are a non profit, indipendent, volunteering organisation founded in 1982 by MIR-Movimento Internazionale della Riconciliazione (the Italian branch of IFOR-International Fellowship of Reconciliation) and Movimento Nonviolento (Nonviolent Movement, the Italian affiliate to WRI-War Resisters International). Our mission is to spread the culture of peace and nonviolence.

This means to us face all the aspects of violence:
direct, cultural and structural and organize our efforts around 3 pillars: research (to demonstrate that nonviolence can be possible and it is not an utopia), education (to increase the number of people that know what does it means nonviolence applied to human society) and finally nonviolent action (because nonviolence is effective if it becomes a bottom-up programme of changing society).

What Is Nonviolence?

The most wide meaning of nonviolence is to recognize that everything and everybody is interconnected and our actions should be always reversible.

What We Do

We have 6 sectors of local, national and international involvement:

1. alternatives to war

  • deepen the history of the popular nonviolent struggles and support reconciliation processes after war;
  • study the effects of the war and the possible conversion of the military industry
  • civilian interventions in war areas

2. peace education

  • empowerment of young people in front of violence
  • inclusive, participatory, non formal and nonviolent methodology to teach and to learn

3. library

  • support the popular construction of the biggest library in Italy on peace and nonviolence and keep alives and accessible the archives of the social movements

4. people power

  • support participatory democracy processes in local communities and social movements;
  • develop a consciousness on the role of media in supporting violence, develop some forms of media-activism and spread the idea of “peace journalism”

5. environmental

  • Spread the “Gaia paradigm”
  • Focus on sustainability and on social control of production

6. art and nonviolence

  • art as instrument of empower and reconciliation
  • art as a tool of awarness and reconciliation

We are open to your way to intend and be active in building a nonviolent world!