Spain, Cercedilla – Madrid


from October 25th – October till 31th, Arrival day October 24th and departure November 1st


young people aged between 16 and 20 years old from the following countries: Albania, Greece, Italy, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine. There will be 4 young participants from each country and a group leader chosen by the local partner organisation. Previous experiences not required. Youth exchange will be held in English but the knowledge of the language should not be a barrier for your participation, youth workers will support you.  What we do in the youth exchange

Every national group, with the support of its youth worker that followed a specific training, will manage one day of activity. During the day there will be activities organised to have fun and to reflect upon specific topics, free time to socialize and have rest and time dedicated to intercultural knowledge.

What is ludopedagogy?

Ludopedagogy is an approach that was born in the ’70s in Uruguay as a form of a response to the dictatorship, precisely from the experience of a group of young people that wanted to change the world. As the name states is based on ….PLAYING AND HAVE FUN and be free.

Is it this youth exchange for you?

If you are still a little bit child, if you like playing, if you believe in social change and you want to have a role on it, if you want to travel, meet and exchange with young people from different countries, if you are an adaptable person ready to interact and relate with different people this is the youth exchange for you! But it is also the good exchange for you if you don’t speak English, if you are shy and if you never travelled, take the chance to challenge yourself and live a life experience!


Youth exchange has not fee and it covers your flight according to the following amounts (if you overcome these sums you need to add by yourself the difference):

  • From Turkey to Spain – up to 530
  • From Ukraine to Spain – up to 530
  • From Greece to Spain – up to 360
  • From Italy to Spain – up to 275
  • From Serbia to Spain – up to 360
  • From Albania to Spain- up to 360
  • From Northern Ireland to Spain – up to 275

For young people from Turkey, project will cover too the visa costs up to 100 euros.

Project doesn’t cover covid tests to go and come back from Spain.



Apply Here!

Application results: to be announced on 27thof September!

Youth Exchange is funded by Erasmus+ Programme and if gives you the right to receive a certificate after your participation called Youth Pass, recognized at European level.

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