Centro Studi Sereno Regis Association adopts, for its activities, a data processing policy in accordance with national and European legislation.

What types of data do we process?

  • Personal data, e-mail and address of partners and volunteers;
  • Personal data, address, e-mail and bank details of collaborators, donors, corporation partners and suppliers;
  • Newsletter and press release subscribers’ e-mail, address, and name when provided by the person concerned;

Please be informed that:

  • data processing is only aimed at achieving the institutional purposes promoted by the Association, in accordance with the provision of relevant legislation;
  • processing is carried out by collecting, recording, organizing, storing, consulting, developing, amending, selecting, mining, matching, using, interconnecting, blocking, notifying, deleting and distributing data. Operations may be conducted by the responsible staff with or without electronics and/or automated tools support;
  • collecting and processing data operations are strictly limited to the minimum necessary to carry out associative activities. Denial to provide or authorize processing can result in the impossibility to take part in those activities;
  • personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except when it is strictly necessary in order to implement associative purposes and allow partner’s access to them, as well as comply with legal obligations. However, data can’t be released. When in our possession, processing can involve “sensitive” data, meaning suitable to reveal “racial and ethnic origins, religious and philosophical beliefs, political opinions and subscriptions to parties, trade unions and religious, philosophical or political associations/organizations, as well as personal data suitable to reveal medical status and sexual life”;
  • processing of those data, within the limits specified by the law (Garante n. 3/2002) serve the following aims: partner’s participation in the pro bono activities, as well as information, deployment and promotion activities. It will be conducted with the following procedures: password protected magnetic media storing with two-stage authentication and/or biometric access; publication of informative and video-photo material regarding performed activities, including sharing on social networks;
  • electronic transfer to Italian and foreign partners, as well as to others project’s funding bodies, only happens when requested by the law, provided that they ensure privacy protection as stated by the GDPR (UE Reg. 679/2016);

We inform that provision of these data is mandatory to be able to take part in the Association’s activities and a possible denial of providing them may lead to missing or partial participation.

The person responsible for the processing is the legal representative of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis Association, with legal address in Torino, via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 13 – Torino – [email protected]

Data are gathered through compiling the dedicated countersigned paper form or through compiling the online form on the following domain, serenoregis.org, which the organization is owner or responsible for.

The e-mail address provided to receive either the newsletter or the press releases (and, when provided by the applicant, the name) is stored on the Mailchimp platform (www.mailchimp.com) which adopts adequate procedures and privacy protection methods in accordance to the existing legislation.

Use of cookies is allowed in the above-mentioned websites. They will not be used to profile users but only for providing services intended for the website’s subscribers.

Maintainers are liable for the protection of data stored by shared internet servers and they can be traced via whois service (http://www.whois.net).

Data owners are entitled to access them and exercise the rights provided by the applicable law at any time by sending an e-mail to Centro Studi Sereno Regis Association at this address: [email protected], or, if it concerns the newsletter, by contacting the association via the dedicated online commands.

In particular it is possible to exercise the following rights:

  • portability (be aware of the data, receive them in a readable and easy to understand form, transfers from an electronic processing system to another);
  • total or partial adjustments;
  • cancellation.

By subscribing to one of the above-mentioned websites, the user agrees to these terms and, especially, accepts that Centro Studi Sereno Regis Association or its project’s partners may contact him/her for future initiatives related to the Association’s activities.