Training | Middle East Eyes

Organized by Giosef Torino in collaboration with Centro Studi Sereno Regis.

The course is part of Giosef’s 3 months project “AAA Palestine Activate: Awareness, Advocacy, Action”.

The project aims to support the Palestinian cause in all means possible. Raise awareness, collect donations and take action.

Middle East Eyes is a course designed to create a better understanding of Middle Eastern culture and history with a special focus on the Palestinian struggle.
The course includes eight meetings in July that go as follows:

1. 5.7.2021 Islam: A religion of war?

2. 9.7.2021 The Ottoman Empire, in the name of God or politics?

3. 12.7.2021 Europeans: exporters of democracy and civilisation in the Middle East

4. 16.7.2021 Why don’t you just make two states?

5. 19.7.2021 Negotiations and agreements: an actual call for peace?

6. 23.7.2021 Homophobic Palestine?

7. 26.7.2021 What has changed in the Arab world?

8. 30.7.2021 No one is born a terrorist

Non-formal education will be adopted as the methodology of the course, as it ensures a full learning experience to all participants.
We will have guest speakers from the Middle East, debates, workshops andmuch more.

Meet us in CasArcobaleno, via Lanino 3/A and in Centro Studi Sereno Regis, via Garibaldi 13.

Meetings will be held from 17:00 Until 19:00.

If you are interested, and have basic knowledge about the topic and have intermediate knowledge of English.

Please fill the form.

Deadline: 27-6-2021 Midnight

*** One of the objectives of the project is to collect funds for Gaza’s Families, and participants will be receiving a certificate at the end of the course. A donation of €30 is required.***

Feel free to ask any questions and… we hope to see you soon!