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Ludopedagogy: Play to Change the World is a project that rediscovers the power of Play in non-formal education, particularly in promoting participation and active citizenship of young people and adolescents with fewer opportunities. Ludopedagogy is an approach that was born in the ’70s in Uruguay as a form of a response to the dictatorship, precisely from the experience of a group of young people. Ludopedadogy has its roots on popular education by Paulo Freire and on the social psychology of Rio della Plata.

Ludopedadogy is an interesting approach for non-formal education because:

  1. It is an innovative method of political, social and community change for sustainable human development and, it is even more innovative in the youth field. The better we know a situation, more strategies we can propose for change, therefore the experience of playing creates a concrete parallel reality, we call it “playful reality”, the “let’s pretend that …” can produce knowledge. To Play favours divergent thinking, a fundamental element for promoting civic activism and democratic participation.
  2. Playing overcomes cultural differences, to play, in fact, is a pre-cultural dimension, it is characteristic of the whole humanity, and it also belongs to many animal species. It is a dimension that exists before culture itself, indeed some authors (Bruner, Lorenz) believe that the culture was born from the capacity to play and that playing constitutes the characteristic pattern of “Immaturity” and serves to keep alive our immature dimension, that is still the evolving and changing one. Ludopedagogy promotes an universal language, it creates the space of encounter with the Other, a space suspended beyond stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.
  3. It promotes a change of attitudes and behaviours starting from recognizing other capacities of oneself and potentials that we usually do not allow ourselves to bring out. Playing works with both the capabilities and visible potentialities as well as with the hidden ones; it therefore represents an interesting language for young people with fewer opportunities, specifically, in this project we focus on young people in contact with forms of direct, cultural, and structural violence.


The project:

  1. Gives the opportunity to the participants to deepen the approach of Ludopedagogy, experiencing it in first person in an international context
  2. Promotes the personal development of youth workers: confronting young people with fewer opportunities can be very complicated and can be met with many difficulties and frustrations, we will work among others on the attitudes of the youth worker, such as the suspension of the prejudice, the promotion of empathic processes, active listening, and the theme of the fair distance in the educational relationship through pla
  3. Exchange good practices, methodologies of involvement (also of the educating community) and technologies to promote the inclusion of young people in social and civil life, regardless of the socio-economic and ethnic background, sharing of EU values and the strengthening of the culture of dialogue, mutual understanding, and social cohesion.
  1. Develops new common educational programs that can be replicated and spread to the different participating countries.


Participating countries

Italy, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Northern Ireland, Ukraine


Each partner organisation will select a group of 3 Youth Workers participants.

  • All 3 will participate in the Training
  • 1 of them will participate in the Youth Exchange
  • 2 of them will participate in the final Seminar

One participant out of 3 should attend all 3 activities.

Training, Torre Pellice, Province of Turin, Italy, September 21st -25th, (arrival day 20th and departure day 26th) + 1 day online before the training and 2 days online after the training (online training dates to be confirmed). 3 participants from each country.

Attention: for participants coming from Ukraine, Serbia, Albania and Turkey, at the moment it is possible to be in Italy for working reasons up to 120 hours (5 full days), so be careful that your flights take into consideration this limit of hours, we will support you in finding flights late on 20th and leaving late on 25th or early on 21st and early on 26th.

For each participant, Italian partner will provide an invitation letter for working reasons in Italy.

Training works on three levels:

-the first level concerns the personal ATTITUDE of the youth worker that he/she can put into play working on the promotion of active citizenship among young people with minors.,

-a second level is that of the KNOWLEDGE of the approaches and methods of ludopedagogy as expressions of non-formal education and

-finally a level of professional COMPETENCES in planning, management and evaluation of educational activities with children and young people.

Youth Exchange, Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain, October 25th – 31st, (arrival day 24th and departure day 1st of November) 1 group leader (youth worker that attended the training) + 4 participants. Young people aged between 16 and 20.

The leitmotif of the mobility action is not a theme but an approach, the ludopedagogy, the young people will use, in fact, in turn this approach to propose to their peers activities linked to a meaningful theme for their own context and for the sending association.

The exchange is co-constructed by all the youth groups; each group takes care of a portion of the week,

Each participant and each group is co-responsible for their own learning process and that of all participants in the exchange.

The youth exchange has three dimensions within the project:

-It is a space in which youth workers can apply what they have learned during the training, involving young people with fewer opportunities and accompanying them in proposing a portion of the program on their own.

– directly involves young people with fewer opportunities and young people who directly confront with forms of direct, cultural and structural violence. So youth exchange is a space for experimenting ludopedagogy and its impact on young people.

– It is a space in which young people exercise active citizenship and commitment to change by proposing to their peers a topic that directly affects their life context.

Seminar, Turin, Italy, November 23rd-25th, (arrival day 22nd and departure day 26th). 2 participants from each country. For each participant Italian partner will provide an invitation letter for working reasons.

The seminar represents the fundamental closing moment of the project, it is the reflective framework that allows to put into system the work done during the project. The seminar offers an opportunity for confrontation in between youth workers to exchange experiences, best practices, contexts of applicability of ludopedagogy, allows to evaluate the project as a whole and to set up the most important dissemination tool of the project: the ebook. The seminar is also an opportunity to organise a dissemination activity on the territory.


Participation in the project has NO FEE.

Travel reimbursement for Training and for Seminar  (each trip)

  • From Turkey to Italy- up to 360
  • From Ukraine to Italy- up to 360
  • From Greece to Italy – up to 275
  • From Spain to Italy – up to 275
  • From Albania to Italy – up to 275
  • From Serbia to Italy – up to 275
  • From Northern Ireland –up to 275

Travel reimbursement for youth exchange

  • From Turkey to Spain – up to 530
  • From Ukraine to Spain – up to 530
  • From Greece to Spain – up to 360
  • From Italy to Spain – up to 275
  • From Serbia to Spain – up to 360
  • From Albania to Spain- up to 360
  • From Northern Ireland to Spain – up to 275
  • If the travel and activity is cancelled due to the covid emergency it is not so simple to get refunded by National Agency, so our strong suggestion is to BUY FLEXIBLE TICKETS or some insurance to cover eventual cancellation of the trip because we can’t ensure that you will be refund.

Costs for Visa can be reimbursed up to 125 euro for participants from Turkey.

COVID Tests Costs

Covid tests are not officially covered by Erasmus+ programme with a specific budget BUT we we don’t want this to become an obstacle to the participation, so in the framework of personal responsibility, value of the opportunity and real economical capacity, evaluate if you are able to cover them totally or partially. We are available to cover your covid tests with money saved from your travel up to the amount funded by the programme.

Example: my travel is reimbursed up to 275, I spend 100 euro for the travel I can use the remaining 175 for covid tests if needed.

If we will be ALL RESPONSIBLE we will be able to support the participation of youth workers and young people with fewer economical opportunities.


Ilaria Zomer

+39 3483466294
[email protected]


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Application results: to be announced on 20th of August!

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