Learning Europe at School

A volunteering project coordinated by the Association “Asociación para el Desarrollo del Guadajoz y Campiña Este de Córdoba (ADEGUA)”, Spain, in the framework of the EU European Solidarity Corps initiative.


Promote interculturality and encourage the values of solidarity, democracy and human rights in the European context, in collaboration with local schools and youth associations. Through this project, the entire educational community (teachers, parents and school children) will come closer to the process of building together a united Europe. It must be based on respect of the values integrated in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and its policies committed to the Environment, the eradication of poverty, equality and opportunities for everyone. This is carried out in a context of interculturality, in a European area of diversity where many cultures coexist and have become part of our societies. In this sense, through the activities proposed, the project will contribute to developing attitudes based on democracy and solidarity and open to other cultures in the framework of an active European citizenship. It is essential to remember the values that must sustain a united Europe.


The European volunteers will help implement the project in the partner education centres and will collaborate with local youth groups. A campaign about European values and interculturality will be carried out through different activities, according to the orientation of the centres and the abilities and ideas of the volunteers, who will contribute to achieve the objective of the project adding to it their background, ideas, cultures and languages of origin. They will mainly focus on the development of workshops about cultural diversity and European values with small groups of students and youngsters.


Being the coordinating and hosting organisation, it provides support to the volunteers, organising their accommodation and training and taking them through the process to obtain the Youthpass certificate. They also have the support of teachers who act as mentors.


Since 1998, ADEGUA manages a European Information Center which belongs to the Information Networks of the European Union. Through it, ADEGUA participates directly in the youth mobility programmes as well as disseminates all actions related to these programmes as part of its European information services.


Volunteers will live in Baena (to see more of this city: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iLD9NV_0H8), Andalusia, where ADEGUA is located. They will stay together in a rented flat with single bedrooms for each participant and they will share a kitchen where they can cook their own food. They will receive a monthly allowance of 330 Euros: 150 as pocket money and 180 for food. In Baena, food prices are quite low in relation to most European countries and to other regions of Spain.


The sending organisation in their countries of origin will help the volunteers with their outbound flight tickets to Malaga Airport, where ADEGUA’s staff will pick them up. For the return flight, the volunteers have the support of this organisation. The cost is covered by the project budget in both cases up to a flat rate.


Expected start: end February 2019
[email protected] | phone/whatsapp +393483466294