5 Shades of Blue. Training course on project management with a focus on Migration | CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

5 Shades of Blue

Erasmus+, KA105 – Mobility of Youth Workers

Training course on project management with a focus on Migration
Coordinated by Servizio Civile Internazionale – SCI Italy


Registration form HERE – DEADLINE for applications: 15 June 2021

Activity dates:

  • Online meeting (one online session, date to be confirmed, mid-July, 2 hours)
  • Residential activity in Rome: 21 July 2021 (arrival) – 29 July 2021 (departure)
  • Follow up phase: participatory creation of a Handbook (August – October 2021)

Venue: Rome, Italy, at “La Città dell’Utopia

Total number of participants: 21 (19 participants + 2 trainers)

Partners and participants:


Organisation Country # of pax
Servizio Civile Internazionale (applicant) Italy 4 (3 + 1 trainer)
Centro Studi Sereno Regis Italy 2
Servei Civil International de Catalunya Spain 2
Servicio Civil Internacional Spain 2
HFC Hope for Children Cyprus 2
CVS Bulgaria Sdruzhenie Bulgaria 3 (2 + 1 trainer)
Service Civile International Branche Francaise France 2
Voluntariat Zavod Slovenia 2
Volonterski Centar Zagreb Croatia 2


The training course

“5 Shades of Blue” is a training course financed by the Italian National Agency of Eramus+ Programme that aims to equip participants and partners with design skills, methods and tools to develop and implement local socio-cultural projects aimed at the social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. These projects might take different formats: international volunteering activities, workcamps, seminars, trainings, awareness campaigns, ESC projects, which contribute to the social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, proposing their active involvement in communities, strengthening social cohesion, reacting to racist and authoritarian rhetoric and above all actively including young people in these processes. To reach this goal, it is necessary encourage and motivate participants and their organizations to develop projects within their communities where young European people and migrants play together an active role.

Objectives of the Training Course

  • to learn the main steps of project management: from the design of an idea to its implementation and evaluation;
  • to strengthen the partners’ capacity to develop projects targeting migrants, refugees and asylum seekers;
  • to share good practices, ideas and experiences on the topics of the project;
  • to promote the creation of networks and partnerships among organizations, in order to develop quality projects in the future;
  • to provide concrete support to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers through the implementation of future projects aimed at social inclusion and international solidarity;
  • to promote the methodology of non-formal education as a tool to facilitate social inclusion, youth participation and local community involvement in

The 5 blue modules

The name of the project is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, which is the common element of the countries of the partnership (except for CVS Bulgaria, whose inclusion in the consortium is to be linked to its expertise in the migration topics). The training course will feature 5 modules:

Module Topic Format / Duration
Electric blue Getting-to-know-each-other, presentation of the project and the partners, preparatory tasks for the residential


Online, 2 hours (mid-July, date



Light blue

Team building sessions, presentation of international and local contexts related to migration Residential,

½ day (arrival day) + 1 day



The project cycle; needs analysis, definition of objectives,

the theory of change, impact on target group and local community; how to design a budget; logistics

Residential, 2 days


Institutions, donors, calls and grants compatible with

projects focused on migration issues; fundraising and crowdfunding; visits to local partners (tbc)

Residential, 1 day


Presentation of study cases; how to use the NFE methods in projects with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers;

laboratory of ideas, networking sessions, design of the Handbook.

Residential, 2 days


Handbook (plan of action for finalisation); evaluation Residential,     1


Follow-up Online    questionnaires;    further    development    and finalisation of the Handbook Online, August- October 2021


Details of the Training Course (venue, methods, sessions)

The training course will be coordinated by two experienced trainers (Mauro Carta and Katerina Stoyanova), who will propose non-formal education methods, presentations, exercises, interactive sessions, group work and plenary activities.

Although we expect that the conditions will improve significantly in July, we will still have to abide by the anti-Covid-19 rules, and this factor might slow down the sessions and their preparation. Moreover, we will involve participants in easy practical tasks, such us helping the team when shopping, giving a helping hand in the kitchen, washing up etc. Therefore, we might run 3 learning sessions a day (instead of the typical 4 sessions a day). This way, participants will have more time to reflect, digest the contents and keep track of their learning process.

Participant profile

  • There are no age limits, but priority will be given to participants aged between 18 and 35 years;
  • availability to join the online module, the whole residential training course, the evaluation phase and the support to the creation of the Handbook;
  • Strong interest in project management, non-formal education, migration issues, initiatives against racism and xenophobia;
  • availability to put into practice the skills and knowledge gained in the project to implement initiatives at local level with the sending organisation;
  • good working knowledge of the English language;
  • motivation, enthusiasm, willingness to meet new people from different cultures and to share experiences, ideas and contributions;
  • flexibility, willingness to contribute to the event with small manual tasks when needed

(cleaning, shopping, washing up…).

COVID-19 and health measures

In spite of the challenges caused by the pandemic, SCI Italy has been organising national and international meetings this year, ensuring the safety, well-being and security of the participants involved in the residential activities. These experiences have improved the capacity of the organisation to carry out events, meeting the needs of all stakeholders involved and the quality standard required by the donors.

From May 15 on, visitors from EU countries will not need a molecular test to enter Italy. A cheaper anti-genic test or a proof of vaccination will be enough. Should a molecular Covid-19 test be compulsory before the departure, SCI Italy will identify a centre near the venue, where participants can take the test and obtain the results, 48 or 72 hours before leaving.

Participants will be accommodated in rooms on the first floor of the venue. A limited number of people will be hosted in each room, according to the Covid-19 regulations. In order to

comply with this rule, a certain flexibility will be required. We will provide more information in the “infosheet”, which will be sent to organisations and participants after the selection process.

Most part of the sessions will be conducted outdoors. The meals will be prepared by a cook and will be served mainly in the open, or inside but in small groups. We are sure that we will be able to count on participants’ cooperation in order to make the event a memorable experience for everybody!


SCI Italy will offer 100% contribution for the travel costs, according to the following table:


Organisation Country Max. amount per participant
Servizio Civile Internazionale Italy 0 €
Centro Studi Sereno Regis Italy 125 €
Servei Civil International de Catalunya Spain 180 €
Servicio Civil Internacional Spain 275 €
HFC Hope for Children Cyprus 360 €
CVS Bulgaria Sdruzhenie Bulgaria 275 €
Service Civile International Branche Francaise France 275 €
Voluntariat Zavod Slovenia 180 €
Volonterski Centar Zagreb Croatia 275 €


Please note:

  • in order to receive the reimbursement, participants must leave from and travel back in the country of their sending organisation;
  • it will be responsibility of the participants to keep and send to SCI Italy the travel documents (receipts, boarding passes, etc). Travel costs will be reimbursed only after providing these documents!
  • The project will not cover the costs for Covid-19 tests
  • Food and accommodation will be provided during the days of the training course
  • After the selection phase, SCI Italy and partners will support the participants with the booking and purchase of the tickets. Participants and organisations will start booking their ticket ONLY after SCI Italy confirmation!
  • Contributions of participation: 30 €

Registration procedure

Candidates are invited to fill in the online form here, not later than Tuesday, 15 June 2021. The selected profiles will be contacted after the deadline to confirm their participation.