Training | Active Youth Workers in Anti-Discrimination Education




During and after the so-called “Summer of Migration” an unprecedented number of refugees entered the European continent, which led to a broad right-wing backlash on societal as well as political levels. This caused the common idea of European solidarity to dwindle and nationalism to thrive, while public attention towards the suffering at European borders decreased. One consequence of this polarization is social tensions and conflicts which rise parallel to concerns about the refugees’ plight on the one, and the well-being of European host societies on the other hand.

This project aims at training active and motivated youth workers as multipliers to implement activities addressing racial discrimination and prejudices against refugees, migrants and other vulnerable groups in their communities. Likewise, the initiative will bolster an intersectional understanding of racism and related social issues and will teach the target group how to mainstream anti-discriminatory practices and attitudes in their wider work with youth as well as their daily life.

This will take place through two Trainings:

Training I.: Fundamentals of Anti-Discrimination-Education

(7 days // Stratoni (Halkidiki), Greece // 14. – 22. September 2021)

  • Theoretical foundations of Postcolonial and Critical Whiteness Studies
  • Topical concepts definitions of discrimination, racism and intersectionality
  • Biography work, self-reflection & empowerment

Training II.: From Theory to Practice

(5 days // Baitz (close by Berlin), Germany // 5. – 11. November 2021)

  • Non-formal education-methodologies of anti-bias and anti-racism- education
  • Concept- and method-assessment against the background of decolonial and anti-racist approaches
  • Development of a facilitation guideline

The trainings include guided study-visits to modern and historical sites in Berlin and Halkidiki. Both will have a strong focus on interactive learning and close and regular exchange. Methods and concepts are repeatedly reflected upon and discussed in terms of their practical suitability in order to ensure a differentiated and target group-oriented application in practice.


Enable youth facilitators to integrate and mainstream anti- discrimination into their work and improve their ability to design and conceptualize activities that aim at decreasing racist patterns of thought and action and increasing tolerance and empathy among their target group.

  • Connect theory with practice through the sharing, analyzing and further development of methods and tools in the field of anti-discrimination- education.
  • Spread findings and lessons learned through facilitation guidelines to support fellow youth workers to develop activities tackling racism in their communities.
  • Raise youth’s awareness and sensitivity towards issues of discrimination with an emphasis on racism using topical approaches from Intersectional, Postcolonial and Critical Whiteness Studies.


  • Youth workers interested in the reflection of their practice against the background of anti-racist and decolonial concepts
  • Interested in developing guidelines/handbook with state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for European youth workers
  • Age 18+
  • Solid command of English
  • Previous knowledge or experience are not required but appreciated
  • Applicants should be available for both trainings


Dates 14 – 22 September 2021

5 – 11 November 2021

Places Stratoni (Halkidiki), Greece

Baitz (close by Berlin) Germany



Facilitators Both of them have multiple

years of experience in the field of anti-discrimination- education.

Hosting organizations CRISP, Germany Unites Societies of Balkans (USB), Greece
Covid-19 Trainings will be carried out

on-site. The following measures will be implemented:

Disinfectant is provided Minimum distances are monitored

Sessions are held outdoors if possible Seminar materials are regularly disinfected

In case an implementation on-site will not be possible due to covid-19, the date for the training will be postponed



Participation fee for both trainings: 50,- EUR

Travel costs can be reimbursed up to the following amounts:

Training I. Stratoni (Halkidiki), Greece

Since transportation to and from Thessaloniki Airport will be taken care of by the host organization, the reimbursable travel expenses are as follows:

Greece 20,- EUR
Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Germany 260,- EUR
Spain, Portugal, UK 345,- EUR


Training II. Baitz (close by Berlin), Germany

Germany 20,- EUR
Greece, Portugal, UK, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Hungary 275,- EUR


Costs for Schengen Visa and Oversees Exit Fee can be reimbursed up to 86,- EUR for participants from Turkey.


Ilaria Zomer [email protected] until June 20