HUMANS, fourth stop: Netherlands – “If they don’t see your value, don’t try to convince them” | Benedetta Pisani interviews Frans Greidanus

There are so many stories like the one Frans has told me in this interview. Too many. Episodes like this are commonplace. Boys and girls, younger and older, targeted. Pestered, reviled. And if violence cannot be accepted and tolerated in any way, in these circumstances it is even more unprovoked and sinful. Bullying is crude … Continua

Humans, third step: CYPRUS. The “Green Line” is lost in the sky | Benedetta Pisani interviews Marina Kyriakou

The next protagonist of HUMANS is a wonderful woman, passionate, professional, and tireless lover of life. Today, Marina Kyriakou, architect educated in Strasbourg and Amsterdam – where she currently lives – will share something precious with us… Her beloved Cyprus. The historical division between the Republic of Cyprus, mainly inhabited by Greek Cypriots, and the … Continua

SOLIDARITY IN ACTION. United for an intercultural action! | Andrea Zenoni

From 30 September to 1 October a two-day online conference was held and organized by UNITED – United for intercultural action. European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants, refugees and minorities, an European network born in 1993 consisting in more than 500 organizations and associations all over Europe [including the Centro … Continua

Humans, Second Step: SPAIN. From plastic to sustainability | Benedetta Pisani interviews Verde Agua

Verde Agua is an environmental consulting firm with the main purpose of helping companies that rely on single-use plastics to replace them with more sustainable alternatives. Illustrazioni di Margherita Caretta How did you get into your entrepreneur idea and what is Verde Agua’s Mission? ANDREA Verde Agua emerged from the observation and motivation of three … Continua

Humans, First Step: SERBIA. Protests, Virus and Lies | Benedetta Pisani

I decided to set this first anthro-political experiment in Serbia, through the voices of Gradimir Ignjatovic and Milan Jovanovic, for two main reasons: After my Erasmus Program in Slovenia, I developed a strong interest in all that concerns  the Balkans. Just to give you an idea… To get my morning started and before turning my … Continua